Neck Traction: For A Very Holistic Approach Towards Healing

The neck comforter is a new innovation; it’s a device that provides clinical grade traction. By using it, you can easily soothe the muscles by stretching, and heal even severe neck pain.

This works towards improving your posture, decompresses the spine and greatly improves the circulation, especially between your neck and head, and between your neck and arms.

With the neck comforter, you not just improve movement in your neck, but also loosen up any stiff joint that you may have.

What is neck traction?

By stretching, one can overcome sprains and spasms in the neck. Neck traction also helps decompress the spine, or free the nerves trapped by compression in the spinal vertebrae.

The methodology has been used for years and one of the implements is massage therapy.

How does the neck comforter traction the neck?

As you go on inflating the device, the chin is lifted up and the back is straightened. While the shoulder muscles are pushed down, the neck is gently stretched. This enables one to find instant relief from conditions like a stiff neck.

It’s just like having a professional massage, and anytime you need it!

How do I use the neck comforter?

This is simple to use. Put the device around your neck and fasten the adjustable straps. It works by a hand pump. Close the valve, and pump up the device till you feel a nice and gentle stretch across your neck.

For what medical conditions is the neck comforter most useful?

This can be greatly useful for anyone suffering from headaches, neck pain or joint pain, stiff neck, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, poor circulation in arms or herniated discs. The device can even be very effective for everyday problems like trouble sleeping.

The Neck Comforter has been designed on a holistic approach. Many of these problems are caused by tight muscles or conditions like a pinched nerve in the neck, and can be healed by facilitating a proper stiff neck treatment. The device takes pressure off nerves, improves circulation and relieves the pain.

How does a stiff neck affect us?

From top of the head, the nerves go to the head. And when these nerves are pinched, it can cause dizziness, fatigue, trouble sleeping or headaches. Similarly from the lower part of the neck, nerves go to the spine, from spine to the shoulders and elbows, and then to your hands through your wrists. A tight neck muscle which causes a pinched nerve can lead to numbness or pain, at any place along your arms.

For basic neck problems like a bulging disc or inflammation in neck joints, how effective is the Neck Comforter?

When one suffers from a bulging disc in the neck, it can put pressure on the blood vessels and nerves, and further lead to pain or even affect the circulation. The neck comforter takes the pressure off the nerves, facilitates better circulation and helps overcome pain in the joints.

Similarly, in a condition like inflammation in the joint that causes stiffness in the neck or neck pain, the device tractions the neck, allows better movement and helps overcome joint pain.

How will the neck comforter improve my posture?

This device stretches the neck muscles, and this automatically improves the posture. One gets over underlying problems like a pinched nerve in the neck, and with an improved posture, you look better and feel better.

Why do so many people have either a bad back or a stiff neck?

Life is stressful. We spend time over the computer, watching television, even driving, and our sleeping position is sometimes awkward. Bad posture, along with stress, both mental and physical can sometimes tense up the muscles in our neck and shoulders. This could further lead to conditions like a pinched nerve in neck, and cause pain.

Does the Neck Comforter instantly relieve pain?

There is a spinal disc in between every two vertebrae in the spine. Owing to our bodyweight and tight neck muscles, the spine and spinal discs can compress, and this could cause a pinched nerve and lead to pain.

But when we take the pressure off the nerves, the pain and discomfort are overcome, almost with an immediate effect. The neck comforter simply takes the pressure off, and brings about a feeling of being weightless.