The Alternative Path to Wellness – Chiropractic

If you have only been to see medical doctors your entire life the idea of visiting a chiropractor may seem very foreign. When you consult with a medical doctor, as they are named, they are trained to match the symptoms to the proper medication in order to allow you to feel better and get symptom relief. This can work, your symptoms may disappear and you will feel as if you are healed. Depending on the medication (for example antibiotics) you may indeed have fixed the current problem. The majority of prescription medications though do not actually heal the body. They cover and mask the resulting symptoms.

Chiropractic takes a totally different approach. Chiropractic is noninvasive, natural, and drugless. Rather than rely on the medication as a crutch, they figure out how to fix the underlying root cause and allow your body to heal itself.

The methodology – Exploring the differences between standard medical treatment and chiropractic treatment plans.

Diagnostically medical and chiropractic follow many of the same guidelines. The first office visit will involve taking a history, a physical examination, and x-rays and lab tests may be ordered. With chiropractic, it doesn’t stop there as they require a more well-rounded picture of the patient and their life and habits. You may be asked about your diet, your exercise habits, your family life, how you take on stress, what you do for work – if it requires excessive sitting or standing, and so on.

All of this information helps the chiropractor gain a full picture of who you are, how you feel, and what may be affecting you. Chiropractic seeks out the reason for ailments in order to correct them on a level that will be permanent. This means the difference between actually relieving pain and taking painkillers to hide the pain on an ongoing basis.

Chiropractic focuses on subluxations in the body (misalignments). When the body experiences a misalignment, it can put pressure on nerves which work organs in our bodies. Over time that cut off of flow of blood and electrical impulse can result in pain, inflammation, and disease. Subluxations can occur due to physical manipulation (hits, falls, twists, etc.) as well as stress emotionally, mentally, or due to chemical imbalances and exposure.

Once corrected the body is able to function properly and begin to heal. Release the pain and get back to living a full productive healthy life.