Quick, Natural Stress Reduction Techniques

The modern world is tough isn’t it? So many demands on your time – work, friends, family, social media and more. It’s all too easy for things to get out of control and cause you stress to some level – even high levels.

Unless you do something about it, stress can escalate and take over your life causing additional heath issues.

The good news is that there are plenty of simple steps you can take to tackle and reduce stress. Here I offer you some action anyone can take quickly to help manage and reduce stress.

Sleep is an important factor. Nature’s way of allowing us to recharge overnight. Don’t you feel better after a nice, uninterrupted sleep?

An issue is that stress can make it difficult to sleep. To help combat this, I suggest getting in to a regular bedtime routine and if anything is going round and round in your head, write it down. Might sound silly but I have found it helps.

If you can, consider having a massage – either from a professional or perhaps a friend or family member if they have some experience – even a neck and shoulder rub can help.

Or you might try one of the hand-held portable massage machines which are widely available. There are all sorts of variety of portable massages to select from and they start at reasonable prices.

Another simple yet effective stress reliever is to nip out for a walk. Separate yourself from the stress. Get some fresh air and if you’re lucky enough to live near a park or wide open spaces, take advantage of that.

Pay attention to what’s around you. Tress and shrubbery, wildlife, landmarks for example and look for positives. Take some deep breaths. Fill your lungs with that fresh air and let it out slowly. If the sun is out – enjoy that too. The sun always make is feel good. Right?

Have a nibble on a little snack. Don’t reach for the chocolate. Sure, it’s a comfort food though too much chocolate isn’t great. Instead have easy access to a few nuts, a cereal bar or a piece of fresh fruit.

The natural ingredients will help you fight stress by encouraging your body to produce serotonin for a natural high.

Whilst you are never going to completely eradicate stress form your life there are things you can do about it as we have briefly touched on here. Start to tackle your stress today!