Natural Nutrition to Help Combat Stress

A good, healthy nutritious diet is important for our general health and well-being. Though did you know that there are natural foodstuffs which can also help you in the battle against stress? Let’s take a look at some of them, which you might consider working in to your diet.

The humble walnut can help to lower blood pressure. They also encourage the production of natural chemicals in your body which help to lift your mood such as tryptophan and also melatonin which helps with sleep. A few walnuts every day taste good too.

The blueberry provides vitamin C which helps to mitigate cortisol – which is a contributor to stress. And the vitamin C helps with blood pressure when stressed.

If you like them (I don’t), the avocado has any number of vitamins to help give you a boost. Many people enjoy a smashed avocado on toast perhaps with an egg for breakfast or lunch. Give it a try.

This next one may be for you if you like your Indian food (like me… ). Turmeric is a spice often used in curries. It has properties including acting as a natural anti-inflamatory, boosting serotonin and helps to reduce the stress causing cortisol.

Try a green tea for a change. Like turmeric it can help to reduce cortisol and thereby help to reduce stress.

Working some kale into your diet may help too. Lots of vitamin C which (again) helps to reduce cortisol and boost your brain function a bit too.

Coriander is another natural stress fighter. It has calming properties and can help with sleeping too.

You might not like all the foodstuffs mentioned here. Though any you do like or might like to try – go for it in the battle against stress.

They can all help to reduce your stress levels. You might try keeping a brief journal of what you have started to incorporate in to your diet and how it made you feel. Do you think it help you, do you feel better for nibbling on a few walnuts or having a smashed avocado for lunch.

Referring back to your food journal will help you to identify what you do like and has a positive effect on your stress.

You might also do a little research to look for other natural foodstuffs which may help also and consider trying them too. Add some healthy variety in to your diet.