Penis Function and Alcohol: Not a Good Combination

Who doesn’t enjoy knocking back a cold one? For many guys this is a ritual for weekends with the buddies, and it can certainly get a bit out of hand on holidays and celebrations. And many a man has faced the consequences of having too much to drink, then trying to get things going with a lovely partner, only to discover that penis function is decidedly affected by his alcohol intake. But just how bad can that penis function issue be?

Alcohol and Penis Function

Everyone knows the feeling of having one too many and just wanting to romp with a partner. The alcohol lowers inhibitions and makes a man want to do things he normally wouldn’t – which is why so many men might wake up the next morning with some regrets! But no matter how hot a man is feeling after having a few, he might be disappointed to see that his penis won’t respond at all to any sexual fun. This lack of penis function can be quite embarrassing, especially if he was hoping to impress a new partner.

But why does this happen? It’s because of how alcohol acts in the body. It can dull or shut down several systems in the body – for instance, before medical advancements, a hefty dose of alcohol was used for pain relief when a man had an injury. It dulled the nerves and helped ease the pain by affecting the central nervous system.

But the nervous system isn’t the only area affected. When a man is trying to get it up but he’s under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol, the physiological responses of his body can make it impossible for him to respond as he should.

Alcohol and Libido

Often, a man will have a few drinks and be raring to go. But at other times, men might be ready to simply take a nap. This can also be a matter of the mind is willing, but the body is lacking. He might think he wants to get it on, but his body says otherwise, and that can lead to a decreased drive over time.

On the other hand, as inhibitions drop and libido goes up, some men might make very poor decisions. A guy who has awakened after a night of debauchery not remembering what he did the night before can testify to this! That’s especially true if the person in bed with him, one that he was obviously intimate with, is a complete stranger. To avoid issues like this, it’s always best for a guy to reconsider that last shot or beer.

Alcohol and Penis Health

Penis health can suffer when the body is subjected to anything that causes a problem for it, such as smoking, eating too many fatty foods, or drinking to excess. Drinking too much alcohol can damage the circulatory system, which can lead to problems with penis function. It can also lead to problems with the tissue in the penis, especially over a long period of time, and can actually wind up shortening a man’s favorite tool. This is something a man definitely wants to avoid!

Avoiding Penis Function Problems

So how can a guy have a good time but still preserve his penis function so he can enjoy it when the time is right? There are some ways to do this:

Set the ground rules. A guy will quickly learn how much alcohol he can handle. If he starts to feel problems with penis function after a fourth drink, then he should set a rule to have only three drinks that night.

Figure out the alcohol situation. For some guys, having beer all night won’t affect their penis function. For others, beer is a killer for the libido. And still others can’t handle hard liquor, while some guys find it enhances their sexual fun. A guy can figure out which types of alcohol he can handle and stick with those.

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water in between each alcoholic beverage, which will both help with penis function and with filling a guy up a bit, so he won’t drink as much.

Maintaining Good Penis Function

Even in the face of alcohol, a man should still pay close attention to the health of his penis. That includes the use of a good penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). He should look for a creme that contains Shea butter and vitamin E for soft and supple skin, as well as alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C to help with blood flow.