Cardio Conditions In Women Differ From Men’s Problems

Men differ from women, not merely through the noticeable physical structure, but also by their emotional responses, which are made known by the kind of reactions to many situations. While men keep their emotions within themselves, women express their feelings freely. Both men and women can suffer from heart disease but their symptoms and the age at which the symptoms manifest might be different.

Symptoms and aftereffects of some heart-related sicknesses that both men and women suffer from:


Heart disease causes death in both men and women, but more women die through heart-related problems than men. This is because a woman doesn’t display symptoms of an impending heart attack as clearly as a man does.

Usually, an angiogram is suggested when a person is having chest discomfort to find whether there are any blockages in the arteries. The results of such angiograms vary from men to women. While the coronary arteries tend to show blockages in men, in the case of women they will not, despite which, doctors may pronounce that a woman’s heart is in danger. So just because the arteries don’t show a blockage in women, it doesn’t meant they are fit and don’t have any heart related illness.

In a woman, the heart disease manifests first in the small arteries of her heart, and it is these, instead of the coronary arteries that have shown the blockage in the males. Known as micro vascular disease, this is a vital heart malady in women, who also suffer chest pain symptoms to begin with.


Age is also an important factor which differentiates the two genders, even as they differ in age significantly when the heart disease strikes.

Men are likely to get attacks early in life, while women get them late. That is why many older women, the average age of heart attacks in women being 70, die because of heart conditions than men.

To ensure at a later stage that they are not down with heart related ailments, women should start countering the conditions very early in life, i.e. at the menopausal stage.

It is at these early stages that they should start a healthy dietary change and go for some workouts like aerobics, long walks, along with managing weight, and having hypertension and cholesterol assessment regularly to ensure they are healthy and if their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers are not in the prescribed range, they can take preventive steps.. When you are prepared for any eventuality, the seriousness of attack gets reduced.