Tapping Into the Perpetual Energy of Momentum

The energy of success is high, so high in fact, that just basking in the presence of those that have achieved high levels of it can be enough to energize you for a while. Just like an energizing bunny!

Unfortunately, feeding off of others is a temporary fix.

When observing associates and highly successful friends and entrepreneurs in your circle, take note of the few traits and habits they all share, that they have in common.

These high achievers are not lazy, so the first obvious thing you’ll notice is the high level of energy that they exhibit and enjoy.

This high energy level demands movement: they have way too much to accomplish to be sitting around. Whether setting new goals, reflecting about a project they are working on or actively setting up, they hustle, move and shake the world around them.

In other words, success is a high energy level that demands attention. But its rewards are unmatched.

These high achievers able to tap into a secret vault that not only catapults them to success and but keeps them rolling. In fact, they seem to be able to tap into an energy level that, for the most part, most of us only enjoy when we rise to our highest occasions.

The difference between enjoying high levels of energy on occasion and living it continuously is the difference between mediocrity and grand success. It is what separates the “men from the boys.”

What is this secret vault these success driven individuals have discovered and continually tap into?

Momentum. Success is always driven by momentum.

Defining momentum is easy when we think in terms of the domino effect, because that’s what it is. Get this great and mighty force working for you and one success follows the other just as one domino tapped will tap all the others in succession using its own momentum!

Momentum is the key element to success – and high achievers know this, tap into this power and make use of its energy!

Scientifically you can look to Isaac Newton’s first law of motion when defining momentum: “objects tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.”

Apply this law to your life. Whether you’re looking to shift your business or personal/relationships, improve your mental attitude towards self-love, create and enjoy a healthier diet or sculpt the body of your dreams, building and sustaining momentum is the key element that not only gets you there, but keeps you there.

And, that brings up the next part of this law.

“Objects at rest remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.”

Momentum is a force and needs energy to stay in motion or it extinguishes itself. Once extinguished, the engine shuts down and all the power gained is lost. That means in order to move forward in the same direction, the motor must be started again and it’s always harder to start the engine than to just keep it running.

Just do it!

Action is what drives momentum and momentum is what drives action, so, from a more practical side, momentum is “a force gained through motion or by a series of actions.”

How often have you heard a coach or mentor say, “just do it!” They know the value of momentum and know “where there is motion there is momentum.”

As powerful as momentum is, however, sometimes the smallest of obstacles can impede its progress and block its flow the same way a rolling snowball can be torn apart by small rocks in its path.

We must nurture and treat momentum with respect by feeding it the ingredients needed to grow and we must keep obstacles out of its path if we want to enjoy and sustain its power.

We’d be wise to start building this perpetual type of energy and a good place to start is to reflect on our daily habits and behaviors.

All habits and behaviors need to line up with what we desire to achieve in life (our goals in life). If our habits work against our goals, momentum will be elusive and non-existent.

Discipline, itself, is a key force towards building and sustaining momentum. Once we have proper habits in place that support our deepest desires, its disciplined repetition (continual movement) that fuels it.

It is time to flex your muscle and discipline yourself to “show up.” Or, “just do it.”

The more you do any task, the easier it is as you get into a type of rhythm and flow that makes each task going forward easier to do. Soon the magic force of momentum takes the reigns for you and keeps you rolling towards your goals.

As a force, momentum gets a nice boost of energy with each goal you meet along the way. Hit your goals consistently and watch your energy levels, your motivation, and your momentum soar!