Ways to Know If Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Is Required

When teeth do not look as healthy as before, people often resort to cosmetic dentistry. To know whether cosmetic dentistry is needed along the line, there are several, different factors to take into consideration, which include age, type of food eaten, teeth grinding habits and the frequency of visits to the dentist’s office.

It is normal for teeth to undergo wear and tear and this usually happens little by little. However, when people feel that something is wrong with their teeth, they may want to prevent the condition from getting worse by going through cosmetic dentistry treatment.

They have stained teeth.

Stained teeth is a common problem and nearly everyone worldwide will experience having such dental problem in their lifetime. Those who drink coffee, dark colored sodas and red wine on a regular basis will have stains on their teeth. Individuals who smoke will have stained teeth since tobacco can cause yellow stains, which certainly wouldn’t make them smile.

One of the cosmetic dentistry procedures offered by Tower Hill Dental is professional whitening, which reaches each and every nook and cranny of a patient’s smile and remove the yellow stains resulting to sparking, stain-free teeth.

They do not like the smile when looking in the mirror.

Whenever people look in the mirror, what are they thinking of? Do they see themselves as some sort of bombshell beauty who will get everyone’s attention at the board meeting? Or will they feel that they are not confident with their smile that they would rather keep their mouth shut?

It is natural to feel disappointed with their smile. However, they can still do something about it and turn that frown into a smile that radiates a lot of confidence. A smile is some kind of a trademark, which provides people with the confidence they need at work.

Some teeth are missing.

People who have missing teeth can consider cosmetic dentistry. A dental implant might be recommended to prevent infection within the area. It may have been lost naturally, from a sport injury or an accident.

No matter what the cause, dental implants can be used in the affected area. At times, they feel more comfortable than regular dentures. In addition, they are most likely to stay put even when eating apple, corn cobs and other hard foods.

They have a job that requires them to be in front of many people.

When people have a job wherein they are most likely to be judged, examined and observed all the time, then it would be reasonable to invest in a high quality smile.

A CEO of a company is aware that he reflects the business whether he likes it or not. Consumers will judge him by the clothes he wears, the way he walks and certainly, by his smile. It would be comfortable to use crocs to work but people would surely stop and stare at him.

People may have the following:

  • Chipped teeth

  • Crooked teeth

  • Stained or yellow teeth

  • Missing teeth