Ways to Test If a Cosmetic Surgeon Is the Right Choice for You

See before and after photos

People should make a comparison of doctors’ results for the procedure they are considering. Which looks most appealing to them?

Observe patients with similar qualities (taking a selfie for reference when consulting):

-Facial procedures

They can look at patients with the same facial structure, about the same age, with similar concerns like sagging skin or a too prominent nose.

-Breast procedures

They can look at patients that have the same shape of breasts and torso. If their shoulders are narrow and widely-spaced, have small asymmetrical breasts, they can look at before and after pictures to get an idea of the way a surgeon does a procedure with patients that have the same body type and concerns.

-Body procedures

They should look at patients with the same body shape like for example having a flabby tummy or carrying more weight around the hips and see how the doctor helped them. As a hint, they should be open to other body procedures since they may discover that a particular concern that is thought to be addressed with liposuction could be best treated by undergoing abdominoplasty.

They should find out if the results are consistent with all patients who have undergone the procedure being considered. Do they like the results they see?

Notice the feeling towards surgeon and staff.

Surgery is a major thing and the road to their new appearance may not always be smooth. Therefore, they have to be comfortable with their cosmetic surgeon and support team. They should decide on the surgeon they feel confident in to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

Ask the following:

Do they like to spend time with this surgeon?

Do they trust the advice of the surgeon on what is best and safe for them?

Will they feel comfortable asking him/her questions all through the process?

Do they feel comfortable about sharing their medical history and habits with this surgeon (which is critical to their safety).

Think about customer service as well.

All patients want to be treated and served well. It will be easy to observe this once they enter the office of a cosmetic surgeon.

They can ask the following:

Are the people in the doctor’s office friendly and helpful?

Will they give materials to prepare them for risks of surgery as well as recovery?

– Do they clearly state the expenses involved and does the quote include everything?

– Will they get a quick response if ever they contact the surgeon’s office?