Lose Unwanted Fat, Tone & Sculpt Your Body With Vaser Lipo Treatment

When you decide to have Vaser Lipo, it’s important to have a consultation with the doctor who’s doing the procedure, as it will give you the chance to discuss what you want from the Vaser treatment. It will allow you to ask any questions you might have and the doctor can give you realistic expectations about what the treatment can do for your body.

Benefits of Vaser Lipo:

  • Excellent body contouring
  • A single procedure gets amazing results
  • Smoother skin and improved skin retraction
  • Removes large amounts of stored fat easily
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Able to remove fat from delicate areas like the arms, neck and chin
  • Accentuates and refines the muscles
  • Speedy recovery times

The Vaser Lipo procedure is better at preparing the fat for its removal than traditional liposuction and if you’re considering removing fat on larger areas of the body, then this is the best method to use. Bigger cannulas can cause more damage to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels beneath the skin, which is why Vaser Lipo uses small cannulas to remove the fat deposits, causing you less discomfort when it’s removed. It also means making only small incisions, making any scars minimal.

Types of Vaser Lipo

  • Standard Vaser Lipo simply removes the bulk of unwanted fat, giving precise results, depending on your desired final result.
  • Vaser Hi-Def removes fat but also sculpts and contours, particularly popular with an individual looking to achieve athletic toning.

You will experience less pain during and after Vaser, and the recovery will be shorter compared to traditional liposuction methods. Vaser Lipo is an ideal method to use on smaller delicate areas of the body which are difficult to treat, like the neck, knees and the chin. These days, Vaser Lipo is the number one procedure for fat removal and is popular with both women and men. You have local anaesthetic, meaning you are awake throughout the treatment, but feel no discomfort. You can go home after your treatment and there’s no hospital stay or big downtime, as with traditional liposuction.

After your procedure it is vital to make sure you keep the amazing results, so post op care is very important. Once the doctor has done his part, the rest is down to you. For your body to keep it’s new trim shape, it’s important to wear the compression garment and to make sure that everything is kept smooth with ultrasound and massage for the weeks following your Vaser treatment.