How to Use Aftershave

For men out there beginning their journey into shaving or for those experienced, expert level groomers. Here’s a few tips on how to best use aftershave to get the most out of your purchase.

Step one, which aftershave should you choose. The good news is that there isn’t any one firm answer to this. The bad news is that it can take a bit of experimenting until the find the right ones for you. We all wear aftershave to smell and feel great so take your time and find a scent that makes you feel better when you wear it. It should help you feel more confident, even if it’s only slight.

Getting a second opinion also helps. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see (or smell) our own faults so ask a partner, friend or relative if they think certain scents work on you… you could go stand in a crowd of strangers and see if they move away from you if all else fails (that would be a bad sign and you should definitely change colognes!).

Once you’ve chosen a scent the next question is when should you wear it. Obviously there are the aftershaves that are used for after shaving. After you’ve shaved, put aftershave on. Do this by cleaning your skin, carefully shaving to avoid any cuts and once done, apply a small amount of aftershave (You can use the Balm or the Splash versions depending on what your skin needs) evenly on your hands and press onto the skin that has just been shaved. Try not to rub. If you do cut yourself, don’t worry. You can still apply aftershave. In fact, because of the high alcohol content in aftershaves they provide an antiseptic action that helps to kill any bacteria that may be present… it’ll sting though so watch out (You’ve seen Home Alone, right?)

Sometimes however you may just want to spray a little on to help complete a look and to maybe give yourself that slight edge in attracting someone special. It may sound silly but would you rather be near someone who smells good or bad. I’m assuming the answer is good, so assume that if you smell nice, people will find it that little bit more pleasant to be around you. The key is quantity control. Don’t go crazy. We’d recommend a couple sprays on your wrist, rub them together and then dab just behind your ears. This creates a subtle and attractive scent that seems to linger around you and hopefully makes it a more pleasant experience being near you. Don’t be one of those overbearing, full-bottle-using, eye-water-inducing people that have far too much of the stuff on. Less really can be more.

When it comes to buying an aftershave there are countless options. You could try relatively unknown brands or replicas that are cheap and claim to give the same results as the original but when applying anything to your skin, perhaps it’s best to stick with the tried, tested and much loved brands that we all know. With cheaper or imitation aftershaves you may very well find that they smell OK at first but quickly fade. Choose brands that you can trust and that have proven that they deliver.

Whatever you choose, choose something that works for you. Like many things in life it is up to you to decide what is best for you. So take your time and enjoy the process. Start your search for the perfect aftershave for you because once you’ve found the perfect one, you may find that its with you for a very long time – definitely worth the investment of time.