Anxiety Symptoms and Recovery

We all have stressful lives because stress is a normal part of living. Stress keeps us on our toes and motivates us forward. This is to be expected but when stress grows out of control, the body often experiences stress reactions. This includes anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue and exhaustion. Being aware of the body’s stress reactions helps us recognize when it’s time to turn down the need to push too much and begin to nurture ourselves more. Look at anxiety reactions as red flags, warning one to slow down, moderate and nurture.

Here is a list of anxiety symptoms or red flags warning you to slow down:

Racing Heart or Palpitations




Racing Thoughts


Lack of Appetite

Feelings of Doom

Naturally, it’s best to rule out any physical reason for these symptoms before assuming they are strictly anxiety related.

Most believe these feelings are arising out of the nowhere but this is not the case. So much depends on your perspective and how you are thinking. If you perceive the world as a dangerous place, your thoughts often turn negative and fearful.

Fearful thoughts fuel body reactions. They often begin with “what if” and release adrenaline in response to the negative thought. Adrenaline causes the heart to race, lightheadedness and other feelings of anxiety. Small releases of adrenaline all day long lead to a trembling, over-reactive body or what we call sensitization.

A sensitized body begins with a thought. It all begins with a thought. Once you learn to change the way you think, you will have succeeded in interrupting the cycle of anxiety. It is basically the fear, adrenaline, fear cycle. Once understood and corrected, life returns to normal. You are no longer victimized by anxiety reactions.

Process for Recovery

– Recognize Your Thoughts- Be aware of your inner dialogue. How many times are you beginning sentences with “what if” and thinking fearfully? Remember: Fear releases adrenaline which fuels anxiety. “What if” thoughts are fearful and release adrenaline.

Don’t Run From Symptoms- If you experience anxiety symptoms, allow them to be there without changing them. Once you run from them or try to stop them, you are fueling them. This is a paradox. Do the opposite and they will melt away.

Remember: Symptoms will instantly stop without your fear to fuel them.

Breathe- No more breath holding or overbreathing in fear. Slow down your breathing and everything returns to normal.

Remember: Dizziness and feelings of lightheadedness are the result of overbreathing or breath holding.

Let Go- Release the tight hold you have on yourself and focus on the moment. Lose yourself in whatever you are doing. You are not ill. Anxiety is only the result of the fearful label you are putting on life.

Remember: It’s fine to be cautious but it is also all right to enjoy yourself. Let go of the habit of viewing life as dangerous.

Basically, you have full control over how you feel. Anxiety symptoms are upsetting but they are not dangerous. Change the way you think and you have succeeded in changing the way you feel. This is simple, effective and without side effects, adverse reactions or withdrawal symptoms, as many experience with the use of medications.

You are not ill. Anxiety is basically a learned behavior that you can easily unlearn.

Each and every anxiety symptom has a logical explanation and can be reversed. Never forget this, even if a new symptom pops up. They often come in cycles but once you aware of this fact and how to interrupt them, you are in charge of your life again. You are no longer the victim of anxiety symptoms. It’s time to move forward and look at life as an enjoyable adventure rather than a dangerous experience.