Top 10 Reasons To Run

This is my list of why I run and I hope this list will inspire you to either run – or embark on starting to run. Please note though, that the real list is about 50 reasons long so in an effort to honor brevity due to our collective ADD in today’s society I will keep it short. Thanks Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook! Yes, all of which I do use, so I am a guilty participant of our societal problem! Hey, if you can’t beat em’, join em’!

The above is a great transition into the very first reason I run so without further ado, foreplay, chatter – here’s the list:


I run because running, unlike almost any other activity, clears my head. In fact, I find that every time I get the desire to “clear my head” it is usually followed by a sudden urge to go for a run! It’s funny though as it’s almost an oxymoron – the clearer my head gets the more things I find running through it… hmmm… which leads right into reason number two.


If you are a creative spirit or want to encourage more of your creative side, trust me there is nothing like a good dose of oxygen being sucked into your lungs on a nice solid run coupled with the release of endorphins rushing through your body to get those creative juices flowing. Seriously, I wrote this blog in my head on today’s morning run. Literally, half of all my business ideas, blog ideas and workout videos, etc. have been created while my feet were burning tread (wearing shoes) or my toes were crushing sand (barefoot run). In my humble opinion freeing up creative juices leads right into reason number three.


For me – running is a “moving meditation”. I have always been the type of runner who enjoyed running alone – and at one time I had a partner who made me feel bad about wanting to run solo. I realize now, that I just simply cherish that “me time”. Running has always been my therapy time – time to reflect, connect, inspire, rejuvenate, etc. Be warned, reason number four is not so spiritual.


Simply put, running is one of the best ways to stay lean and mean! Yes, I know, “but Rebecca – running’s so hard on the joints”, “running breaks my body down”, “my knees gave out long ago, I can’t run”. Not so fast, even if your body type or joint issues etc. prevent you from running on land, there are many other ways to skin this “cat”. Check out my blog title “Get In the Water” to learn about Aqua Jogging if you have access to a pool or hit the beach and run in the soft sand. If those options don’t work for you, you can get a lot of the same benefits from so many other cool workouts these days – there really is no excuse. I have been lucky that for the past 20 years I have been able to maintain my love affair with running. Which leads right smack into reason number five.


I run because I can! There was a time some over 20 years ago when I couldn’t run because at that time I was very busy being self destructive in an addiction that had hold of me for many years. And then not to sound too cliche here but it’s true, running really was the thing that saved my life – oh yah, that and my good sense to knock it off if I did in fact want to make an impact on this world in this lifetime! Leading me into reason number six.


Do I really need to say any more here? Thousands of studies have been done to prove that a daily dose of just 30 minutes of exercise improves heart health. But specifically, running can lower cholesterol, reduce your resting heart rate, improve lung capacity and help you live a longer life!


There’s nothing like a good, challenging run to keep one humble. I consider myself to be a pretty “fit” person but on any given day I can head out for a run feeling on top of the world and within minutes I am reminded of how fitness really isn’t a destination as it is more of a journey. No matter how fit I feel I am – running quickly puts things back in perspective – whether it’s when I simply pick up my pace and feel winded as I strive to keep at it, or by when I add a few hill repeats which instantly remind me where my “running legs” are truly at or a long endurance run in the soft sand where I realize how every surface taxes my body differently. Speaking of difference – reason number eight.


You never have to see the same things twice if you don’t want to – running affords you the ability of so much variety whether it’s variations of locations, surfaces, workout type etc. I never understood why people would say, “running is so boring” because when you truly explore ALL the possibilities – it is anything BUT boring. Perfect segway to reason number nine.


Running is not boring – especially when powered by your favorite mashup! There is nothing like a great mashup or great playlist to motivate and inspire a fantastic run. Two of my favorite all time running songs – Toto’s Hold The Line or Roundabout by Yes.


Reason number 10 is a combo reason – see how I said the list was really longer than ten. Seriously, though – other than running shoes and an outfit – running is easily accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere and it’s free. There is no heavy equipment needed, no reservations needed, no gym membership required, it’s just you and a pair of shoes getting your fit on!

Now get out there and Hit the Road – Jack!