Benefits of Joining the Zumba Craze

Aerobic dance originated in the late 1960s as people discovered the energizing fun they could have while moving vigorously to music. About 30 years later, a fitness instructor accidentally set the stage for Zumba when he forgot to bring a music tape to an exercise class. Forced to improvise, he played Latin dance music and led students through Salsa steps at a brisk pace.

Aerobic Exercise

Moving to the upbeat music in a Zumba class is exceptionally easy, thanks to the fun tempos and the invigorating music. While participating in these types of movements, people receive beneficial cardiovascular exercise. It’s common for participants to burn between 600 and 1,000 calories in a single session. Once you begin burning these calories, your body could shift into high gear with a faster metabolism. This could enable you to burn calories at a higher rate even when you aren’t exercising.


Beginners can adapt this type of dance class to be easier. People with experience can easily increase the intensity to create a challenging workout that builds muscle and burns calories. Students can expend as much or as little energy as they wish in a session, depending on individual energy level and overall skill level. Various routines will keep the dancing fresh and invigorating. Routines focus on different parts of the body for all-over fitness benefits. It’s even possible to choreograph your own routine to create an individual workout that fits your own unique needs.


Expending energy and moving to music can be an effective way to decrease anxiety and stress. Throughout the day, anxiety often builds in response to professional and personal situations that occur. By grabbing a spot in a Zumba class, you can kick, jump, and twist your way to a more positive attitude. As mood-enhancing endorphins course through your veins, you might be surprised at the powerful impact of this form of exercise. Your natural high can last long past the end of the class.


The people you’ll meet in this exercise class might keep you coming back. A wide variety of people have discovered the benefits of Zumba, so you can expect to meet and interact with many interesting people. Making new friends and visiting can be a powerful motivator for many exercisers. As you slim down and feel healthier, you might even notice that you have greater confidence and fewer inhibitions, which can make it easier to make friends.


Developing and maintaining coordination is an important factor, especially with aging. Coordination enables people to remain agile and avoid accidents. By dancing energetically on a regular basis, you will maintain swift reaction times and exemplary coordination.

It’s common for Zumba dancers to fall in love with this form of exercise. Before you know it, the hour-long class will be over, and you will have burned hundreds of calories. You might count the hours until you can do it again.